The Founder's Manual:

Learn principles around being a Founder, building a product, and starting a company to increase the odds of success.

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Ryan's Frederick's next book is available for pre-order. If you’re a professional who plies a craft or skill, be it legal, accounting, advising, design, programming, or any from a long list of business services, and you’re thinking about starting or trying to grow a services firm, this book is for you!

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Not as it appears...

Many aspects of being a Founder, creating a product, and building a company are counter-intuitive. In The Founder's Manual, Ryan Frederick, provides insights into how to deal with them including:

  1. Founders have to run to the fire, not away from it.
  2. Scale doesn't matter until a small number of customers love what you are doing.
  3. You can't solve a problem you don't understand at an expert level.
  4. Customer Product Fit is better than Product Market Fit and why.

Learn how to increase your odds of success.

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"The principles in this book are based
on my experiences starting companies,
building products, & advising others
over 20 years."
Ryan Frederick

The Founder's Manual Interview with Joe Kutchera

What will you learn?

Each section of the book focuses in different principles to achieve FLOW in being a Founder, creating a product customers value, and building a successful company.


Startup timing is second only to the team.

Learn why the timing of a startup is so important that it is probably only surpassed by the team.


Introverts for the win.

Learn why introverts often make the best Founders and product creators.


Customer funding is still the best source of funding.

Learn how customers funding the product development and company is still the best the best capitalization.


Must be investable to get investment.

Learn what it means to be investable and to know if and when you are.

“I applied principles to being a
Founder, creating products, and
starting companies to achieve FLOW in these areas.”
Ryan Frederick

Who should read The Founder's Manual?

Anyone involved in or curious about the journey of creating products and starting companies to solve problems and improve people's lives.


Use this book as your MBA in being a Founder.

Innovation Leaders

Innovating inside of a company, especially a large one, has a set of unique challenges, but being grounded in these principles will make you more successful.


The fundamentals of creating great products have never been more apparent, yet challenging to carry out.

Book author

Ryan Frederick

Ryan Frederick is a Founder and product person at heart. Ryan has had the privilege of being part of starting and growing several software and service companies. He has helped companies grow from inception, to viability, through to sustainability. During the evolution of these companies, Ryan has served on company boards and been instrumental in capitalization activities. He has also helped companies to expand to international markets. Ryan combines a unique blend of business acumen and technical knowledge having originally been a developer who migrated to the business side. He now helps companies build great software products and solve data challenges for competitive advantage as a Principal at the product and data consulting firm, AWH. Ryan is an active angel investor, mentors and advises entrepreneurs and startups, as well as corporate innovation leaders. He launched a non-profit workforce development program to train under-employed adults on digital skills called i.c.stars. In addition to authoring this book, Ryan speaks frequently about the product, Founder, and startup journeys.

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